The #1 Visual Asset Management Upgrade for SharePoint!

Take User Productivity to the Next Level in SharePoint

MediaRich ECM for SharePoint is a game changer. Our patented dynamic content rendering technology, makes the seemingly impossible – possible, instantly providing your users something to smile about.

With a click of the MediaRich Instant-On button, MediaRich ECM for SharePoint changes the way you use SharePoint from start to finish. For a complete list of all the enhancements download the Comparison Matrix on the side of the page.

You are able to upload files in bulk, entire folders and sub-folders at a time, even adding metadata (including your own custom data) to those files. The support for over 450 filetypes means that you are able to visualize files in place using the UniZoom™ viewer in any SharePoint Document Library or Asset Library on any platform (mobile included) without having to download the file or have the host app installed.  For customers in the AEC space, we provide UniZoom™ AEC to dynamically update access to all your PDFs though relative linking — saving you from having to physically download the files.

Combine this with the deep metadata search that you get you will find the exact document you need every time saving you time and not having to re-create the work will save you money. Once you have found what you are looking for MediaRich ECM offers a host of tools to deliver them to your destination of choice. You can transform individual and bulk batches of images on the fly using corporate publishing guidelines, or provide users the flexibility to select the file format, size, and resolution before downloading.

Handling video and audio is simple: transcoding to different formats, compositing graphics and even auto-assembling multiple clips together, all from within SharePoint.

Why MediaRich ECM for SharePoint

Media Rich ECM for SharePoint is the only fully integrated solution for SharePoint users that delivers a host of time and cost savings. By making the whole enterprise more productive, it creates a rewarding experience for companies and individuals. Media Rich ECM for SharePoint can be deployed on Premises or in the cloud (Azure and AWS ready).



For Creative, Marketing and IT Professionals

MediaRich ECM for SharePoint is embedded into the fabric of SharePoint and scales for deployment from small teams to full enterprise implementations. With MediaRich ECM for SharePoint you are able to bulk upload all the files you need adding metadata extracted from the files themselves and appending your own. You can quickly find your media assets with customizable metadata for advanced search and even view and edit media properties and all metadata for those files.

When it comes to viewing the content, the UniZoom™ viewer shows you in-place previews of videos, Office, Adobe® files, PDF, CMYK, and other bitmap formats without downloading heavy files on both desktop browser and mobile. The UniZoom™ viewer runs on HTML5, providing seamless video playback without the need to install plug-ins.

You can easily create derivatives and deliver files in all the formats required without altering the original. MediaRich ECM for SharePoint is a fully integrated server side application that saves you from needing to create completely new parallel systems for handling your content needs. Companies that run Mac’s will especially see benefits through their integration into the SharePoint environment.

For Marketing, Portal and Extranet Users – The MediaRich Media Workspace integrated MAM

10 Core Characteristics of a DAM System Certificate of Vendor accreditation

When creating a Marketing resource depository whether for internal or external use you find many pain points, from getting the files in, searching and finding the correct files and then allowing them to be delivered in the required formats as easily as possible. MediaRich ECM for SharePoint delivers a simple and powerful solution within the familiar SharePoint environment.

The innovative MediaBatch™ uploader bypasses the 2GB limit found elsewhere, allowing you to simply upload all the files that are needed in one go. The innovative metadata post-processor empowers taxonomy and project managers to append or replace fields, which means thousands of files can be tagged at a time. IPTC, EXIF and XMP metadata is extracted during the upload process to maximize the available search content.

Once the content is in the system the over 450 filetypes supported are all visualized in place in the browser, so users can easily inspect the files on any platform (mobile included with support for gestures) without the need for plug-ins.
Searching for the required files is easy thanks to MediaRich ECM for SharePoint’s ability to unlock and utilise all the metadata. This means users find the files they need quickly and are saved the pain of unnecessary downloading by simply viewing them in place.

Creating a portal for different customers is simple and easily controlled, so administrators can quickly configure layouts and which metadata is displayed to whom. Because it is easy to create a self-service metaphor, users can enlist the power of the MediaRich CORE engine to deliver their files in whichever formats they require without having to involve the design department. Applying transformations and composite graphics while maintaining corporate guidelines and ensuring the content being used represents the latest and correct versions of your content is easy with the MediaRich CORE engine. Users can deliver essential files whether they are Office, Adobe CS, video, or almost anything else in the required format. Utilising the new A/V Core 2 engine engages the auto-conformance of video and audio files. This means you can auto-compile multiple clips, composite graphics, or subtitles to deliver high quality video in formats for all platforms.

For custom development and System Integrators needing even more:

Seamless .NET and the MediaRich CORE Server API’s for custom apps

MediaRich URL-based methodology, Microsoft .NET Web service, and COM application programming interface (API) enable seamless and straightforward integration with application servers, asset management systems, CMS, content delivery networks, databases and standalone applications. This permits custom Web applications to talk directly to the MediaRich Server for creating unique dynamic content delivery direct-to-web. The MediaRich server can be integrated into any stand-alone or Web application through Microsoft .NET Web service and the MediaRich COM Application Programming Interface (API). This includes a MediaGen WebService client to create and execute requests, which provides the framework for building transaction-based services for various media types, data interaction and extraction of data from heterogeneous production environments.