Company Overview

What We Do

Equilibrium (EQ) is a proven enterprise that has been developing and selling applications for the automation, transformation and delivery of high definition video, audio, image and text media — in use at hundreds of entertainment, media, consumer product, and marketing companies around the world.

Founded in 2004, Equilibrium® is a leading pioneer in automated systems for professionals and consumers that enables video, audio and image processing for enjoyable viewing. Equilibrium’s products enable companies to increase business productivity and reduce costs associated with media production, delivery, management, and storage.

With the development of EQ Network, (EQN), provides new way for viewers to watch video by automatically delivering personalized, HD, premium, social and professional video to multiple-screens simultaneously.

EQN is directly integrated with the global ecosystem of social networks providing viewers with the ability to share their video and follow friend’s video choices. EQN reaches audiences through following on the top social networks and EQN.

The Company has several issued patents & patents pending with over 200 collective staff-years of R&D invested in the product line.

Automation, simplicity and viewer enjoyment are at the heart of every product and system Equilibrium produces.