Upload and Publish Demonstration Video

Upload and Publish Demonstration

MediaRich Server OnPrem or in the cloud in AWS or Azure now comes with a powerful easy publishing portal

Simply upload your content, e-tail image, PDF, Camera RAW, large Photoshop file, or one of over 400 file-types into different publishing “boxes’ in a simple web interface and you have a centralized publishing center for embedding and delivering content into any CMS, web page, sharing via e-mail over-the-top.

Features include:

  • Dynamic responsive mobile thumbnail and large preview creation (with and without large viewer pop-up)
  • Embed UniZoom link generation for multi-page view anywhere capability
  • In-page UniZoom views (no pop-up needed, just zoom in the page) – great for e-tail applications where you want to maximize the mobile viewing experience
  • Embed content with DIV and iFrames into WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, SiteCore, Alfresco and Drupal
  • SEO friendly MediaRich Locators now included (MRL’s) for creating and automatically updating content dynamically everywhere (Just upload a new file, and all files instantly change!)
  • All with high-volume blindingly fast delivery for any sized web content delivery

The following EQuick demo video presents the new Upload and Publish capabilities shipping with every MediaRich Server: