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The World-Standard Automated Media Processor for Mac® and Windows® and Linux distributions

MediaRich HotFolder is recognized as a must-have tool for automating media production on the desktop or Server. MediaRich HotFolder is powerful and easy to use. You can automatically acquire, edit, optimize and convert unlimited numbers of images, animations and video with a simple drag and drop. Whether you’re developing content for web sites, wireless, apps, multimedia or games, MediaRich HotFolder delivers the highest quality media while saving you time and a lot of money.  Fill out this form to get your Free Trial.

We now have a complete automated product line based on our Next Generation Technology called MediaRich Server.  MediaRich Hot Folder is the official replacement for DeBabelizer Pro, API’s for dynamically connecting original content to your websites, Hosted Video Services called EQ Network and the “DeBabelizer in SharePoint”, MediaRich ECM for SharePoint.  Please go to our homepage to see these products.