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MediaRich Server 4.0 is the next generation of the leading platform for processing content for delivery to virtually any website, app or device! Used by creative, development and IT professionals to deliver an automated workflow for B2B portals, eTail sites and corporate communications, it reduces costs and accelerates the time taken to publish and create new revenue streams.

MediaRich Server 4.0 features a completely new 64 bit architecture enabling lightning fast processing of over 450 file types including camera, image, Office, drawing and video formats for delivery on the fly to your website, mobile applications on almost any platform. Your media can be viewed in high quality on mobile devices with Unizoom™ even at low bandwidth. Easily integrated with your existing DAM, MAM or ECM,  Media Rich Server 4.0 allows you to automate image, animation, sound and digital video production and enables on-demand delivery, virtually eliminating the need to pre-process content while creating an easy way to change content in-place for website, devices and apps!

Why MediaRich?

MediaRich removes the need to pre-process your content in advance for to the multitude of platforms that your customers and clients require. MediaRich is incredibly powerful and flexible and can be deployed on Premises or in the cloud (Azure and AWS ready).

Dynamic Imaging

MediaRich comes with an unmatched pedigree in image processing that allows you to remove the need to spend time, effort and money on processing all the required versions you need. With MediaRich you are able to use your master files wherever you have them stored (for SharePoint customers see our MediaRich ECM for SharePoint) and deliver them automatically where they are required in the correct format. MediaRich’s tools enable you to take almost any file type and apply a wide variety of processes including crops, transforms, text overlays and composites. This means you can showcase every item in your inventory in every possible option and have them customizable on your website. Every size you need will be there from thumbnails to zoomable high resolution images, automatically in the correct formats and they will all be cached to be delivered even quicker. With MediaRich you can highly target your marketing with personalized imagery in emails, on web banners or in mobile ads.

With the UniZoom™ viewer you can enhance your customers viewing experience offering them solutions to interact with your content on websites and mobile devices, automatically. This means your customers can view your content on any platform and the best use of screen real estate detected automatically, making use of touch gestures to easily get closer to any object, and navigate to what you want to see now, and without a lot of bandwidth.

MediaRich is not just limited to image content. You can also deliver documents like PDFs or Office documents which can be made available through the UniZoom viewer so clients can view them without having to download them or have the application installed on any platform. This is ideal for company intranets or customer portals.

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MediaRich Server Overview and Uses



Dynamic Video Delivery

Adding video to your communication mix leads to improved customer engagement.  However, with a multitude of sources for your video and the wide range of output platforms the process of delivering video content is very labor intensive and time consuming. MediaRich has literally re-invented transcoding with a next generation 64-bit A/V Core 2 engine which enables the delivery of your video content to all platforms automatically. MediaRich can take multiple files and auto-assemble them into a single normalized set of files so even if you have source content having different frame rates and aspect ratios, it produces the necessary high quality deliverable in your desired format. During this process MediaRich can edit each frame individually applying transitions, transformations, effects and overlays to each frame. This means from a single or multiple high quality sources you are able to deliver versions for web, mobile and over-the-top video scenarios without manual labor. With the auto assembly you can add custom pre-and post rolls that target particular markets along with versioning adding alternate graphics and subtitles, all processed on-demand, or delivered as part of a self-service portal for example.

Video production and approval workflows

With video production one of the major bottlenecks is the process of review and approval especially with a remote team. MediaRich offers workflows providing solutions for delivering versions at different resolutions, have the ability to zoom and pan individual frames for QC, creation of email-able links to files and production of video frame proof sheets and all of this can be done automatically.

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