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MediaRich Server is now a fully 64 bit application which allows it to process any size document as long as the system it is installed on has enough memory. This includes the File I/O which means files of larger than 4GB are supported, this includes very large files including 4K video, large AEC documents which previously could not be automated anywhere.

MediaRich A/V Core 2

4K video_outThe latest update to the A/V Core allows for lightning fast transcoding of multiple files in parallel including GPU acceleration using Intel QuickSync. This offers the ability to edit at a frame level to apply transitions, effects and overlays to each frame even on 4K to 8K files. Unlimited video and stills files can be Auto-assembled into a single file on-the-fly for output to anywhere without format issues.

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Unparalleled File Format Supportfunnel_files

MediaRich offers support for over 450 file types including camera, image, Office, drawing,  and video formats. This means MediaRich can read almost any file and can write to any storage system locally or remotely. Combined with features like auto-assembly and auto “normalization” of content it enables on-demand video ingestion and preparation without human intervention or old-school batch processing techniques. With MediaRich you will be able to automate the process of taking your content and delivering it in the formats you require with the transformations and edits when you need without having to create new versions every time saving you money and time.

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Derivative Cache

MediaRich automatically manages all your renditions and keeps track so you don’t have to! MediaRich includes an intelligent caching mechanism which creates and saves dynamically generated content making it available for subsequent requests. At the first request for a specific asset, MediaRich generates t
he requested item. Additional requests are served out of the cache with no new processing required and is equivalent to serving the digital content as a static file from a normal Web server. This enables a host of new capabilities such as instant resizing of visuals, low bandwidth high quality zoom and pan, dynamic experince creation, automatic branded video creation or wherever your imagination can take you.

MediaScript Languagemediascript_output

The MediaScript Language unifies and simplifies all efforts for content manipulation and creation! The key to MediaRich power and flexibility is its embedded MediaScript programming language. MediaScript is a fully compliant ECMI script implementation supporting the complete JavaScript language specification. MediaRich includes an extensive set of operations for querying and responding to requests for media reading, manipulating and processing sound, video, image, vector and text content. You can customize your workflow with MediaScripts to fit your IT infrastructure & production environments. It also manages the rest of the MediaRich system. Included is a complete library of support objects such as XML, DOM Parser Generators, File and Directory Assessors, string and regular expression libraries, and many more.

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Revolutionary View Anywhere tools

MediaRich offers a set of tools to allow the viewing of your files almost anywhere regardless of the users platform or bandwidth. The UniZoom viewer offers the ability to view documents, zoom into them and pan through them, and navigate through multipage documents in a single viewer. The viewer dynamically detects the device and delivers the optimum viewing experience using the available screen real estate to ensure customers get the best possible view of your product. The viewer is thin requiring no plug-ins so you can have many of them in a single page to fit your design. UniZoom is flexible and allows for the presentation of you content in a variety of ways, single images, multiple images in a variety of layouts and even 360º views on any device – Try now. Since they are not limited to just images, you can share PDF or Office Document or Slide Presentation UniZooms, camera RAW files, or huge Adobe files such as PhotoShop. This allows clients to read them in-place with no need to download (ideal for intranets and partner portals), securing the original file or simply enable the download capability and the file can be viewed first then downloaded optionally. This patented technology enables view everywhere for files of any type and size.

Integration Anywhere

MediaRich integrates with the Asset Management tools you already have today,  SharePoint 2010/2013/2016, North Plains, NetX, Schawk!, Censhare, HP Portal Services, Drupal, Be The Brand Experience and other digital asset management, media asset management, content management systems and websites. If you can request a URL from your current workflow or system, you can integrate MediaRich!

Cloud Ready

Available to purchase on the AWS Marketplace and the  Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a virtual instance. Azure Storage Ready for Hybrid and Cloud content processing.

Other Features

CMYK with ICC profile color management for any OS

Fast loading without sacrificing image quality

Dynamically generate beautiful text from TT & PS fonts

Dynamically generate charts and graphs from databases

Dynamically change colors of images / layers in  RGB, CMYK, hex

Digimarc® 4.0 pre-integrated forensic watermarking

Full metadata support for IPTC, Exif & XMP Standards

APIs for web services, .NET C#, COM & cross-platform Java

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