MR Server 4 AWS


From the inventors of DeBabelizer, the MediaRich Hot-Folder Desktop/Server processing system.  Parallelized, highly scalable, fault tolerant, reliable, blindingly fast, all-media processing for over 450 filetypes.  Connectable, high volume batch processing with flexible MediaScript™ processing.

Create MediaRich scripts to automatically perform almost any image and video processing – crop, colorize, composite, convert, transcode, optimize and more

Auto-normalize and transcode your image and video content.

Unlimited combinations of automatic batch processing of content

Unlike the DeBabelizer predecessor, MediaRich HotFolders has built in multiple thread capability and multiple HotFolders can be defined in any MediaRich Virtual File Store Location.  With up to 4 threads per core of processing power, on a single 8 CORE server, for example, would process 32 different assets at the same time in parallel.

With MediaRich Hot Folders streamlining your image and video processing workflow is drag and drop easy.

Cloud-ReadyAvailable On Premises, or in the cloud

You can easily utilise your own infrastructure or you can deploy in minutes from AWS Marketplace or the Azure Marketplace


We wrote the scripts so you don’t have to
Includes dozens of MediaScripts for instant usability

Media meets automation
With Hot Folder script you can automatically :

  • generate thumbnails
  • generate superpaletted gif animations with intelligent scene detection
  • transcode videos in parallel to as many formats as required
  • insert pre-rolls and post-rolls\composite bugs and bumpers
  • create clips of any length and size

Expand with any Quicktime codec
Ingest from native .mxf, .m2t, .mpeg2, .mpeg, .mpg2 (both SD and HD), any Windows Media, any QuickTime movie, any .flv, .3g and more

450+ image, media, document and video file formats supported

Ingest any Document, Convert any Image, Render Multiple Page Tiffs, Automate any Metadata Extraction or Embedding on Hundreds of File Types

Increase the power of Hot Folders with the full MediaRich Server Option
Expands to integration and massive scalability from within CMS, Web infrastructure or DAM integration

Forensic Watermarking
Watermark assets on-the-fly as they are dynamically generated for delivery on the Web, ingested into a Digital Asset Management, or output to multiple channels, formats or devices instantly with Digimarc.