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Welcome MR The Patented MediaRich Software Engine is an OS agnostic middleware layer that provides versatile, completely customizable, on-the-fly content manipulations for preparing content automatically for any real-world need.  This massively scalable universal media processing engine enables companies to implement their ideal workflow solutions and achieve the dynamic visualization and on-demand media manipulations that customers demand. Whether you need to deliver video to multiple devices in multiple formats, enable high definition zoom and pan or dynamic media templating on your ecommerce website.  Or whether you simiply want to batch process thousands of images and hours of video at blinding speeds, MediaRich Server provides the fault-tolerant, parallel processing, high availability infrastructure to remove most engines and technologies from your current systems and replace them with a single unified engine.  Here is a list of our products available directly from Equilibrium or one of our Gold Partners.  Please review our Hosting/OEM Partner sections to see other hosted and installed solutions that we also integrate the MediaRich Server technology with.

MediaRich Server Cloud Ready

Learn how to take total control of your video, images, and media by automating production and delivery

MediaRich image and video processing server is state-of-the-art image and video server software that offers powerful functionality and true automation for today’s media and content centric businesses. Learn more

MediaRich ECM for SharePoint Cloud Ready

Turn SharePoint into a visual content management system

Visualize all documents, images, and videos in your SharePoint libraries for ease of access search and download. Huge productivity savings for all your SP users. MediaRich for SharePoint is the only fully integrated DAM solution in Microsoft’s SharePoint, and is the ultimate tool for Digital Asset Management and time saving workflows. Learn more

MediaRich Visualizer for SharePointCloud Ready

View your assets in any SharePoint library instantly

Utilizing the same powerful MediaRich engine as ECM for SharePoint, Visualizer offers a more focussed feature set that empowers users by creating thumbnails and previews of assets in libraries, enhanced metadata, and the ability to view assets on any platform securely without the need to download.  Learn more


MediaRich Hot FolderCloud Ready

Streamlining and automating your workflow is drag and drop easy with MediaRich Hot Folders.

Use MediaRich scripts to automatically perform almost any image and video processing operation – crop, colorize, composite, convert, transcode, optimize and more. Learn more